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Vintage World Ray & Co Wall Map ENCAPSULATED-usporedite ponude

9789537826000 - Vintage World Ray & Co Wall Map ENCAPSULATED

Vintage World Ray & Co Wall Map ENCAPSULATED (?)

ISBN: 9789537826000 (?) ili 9537826007, nepoznati jezik, Ray & Co. Novi

HRK 257 (£ 29,99)¹ + Dostava: HRK 69 (£ 8,00)¹ = HRK 326 (£ 37,99)¹(bez obaveza)
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Modern World Vintage-Style Map from Ray & Co – encapsulated version, size 136 x 97cm / 53.5” x 38” approx - offering current political information presented in the style of old maps, with the two hemispheres and the insets showing the Polar Regions decorated with and surrounded by lovely drawings.Eastern and western hemispheres are shown separately, each decorated with a compass rose indicating the full 32 traditional points of a mariner’s compass, and the corresponding lines are drawn across the oceans. Country, city and other place names are given in English. Plenty of names of geographical features are provided to supplement the lovely drawings of mountain chains. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 10° intervals.PLEASE NOTE: this vintage-style map is also available on paper without the encapsulation.LAMINATED and ENCAPSULATED WALL MAPS:- LAMINATED wall maps have a thin layer of plastic usually applied to the printed side only. They can be written on with suitable marker pens without any damage to the map but, unless laminated on both sides, they are not damp-proof.- ENCAPSULATED wall maps are sealed between two sheets of plastic. They are more rigid and heavier than laminated maps of the same size. They are damp-proof and do not crinkle in humid conditions. Encapsulation gives the map a shiny surface, similar to being displayed behind glass.- PLEASE NOTE: many publishers and retailers often use these two terms interchangeably. Our map titles and descriptions follow the definitions provided above. 136 x 97cm / 53.5” x 38” approx.
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ISBN (alternativni zapisi): 953-7826-00-7, 978-953-7826-00-0


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