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No money or Ana s three laws-usporedite ponude

9789535868507 - Goran Gal: No money or Ana s three laws
Goran Gal (?):

No money or Ana s three laws (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9789535868507 (?) ili 9535868500, nepoznati jezik, Goran Gal, Goran Gal, Goran Gal, Novi, eBook, digitalni download

HRK 22 ( 2,99)¹(besplatna dostava, bez obaveza)
Od prodavatelja/starina
Why No Money? What are Ana's Three Laws and what are they for? Everyone asks these questions. In order to learn the answers, you will have to meet a black doctor of mathematics and a juvenile criminal from the Bronx, a Croatian priest and doctor of finance and a chess grandmaster working at the Vatican Bank, a terrorist from Syria, owner of one of the largest banks in the world, commander of the Swiss Guard, a pedophile bishop from Zagreb, a gangster from the Bronx and other heroes. You will feel Ana's great pain, incredible power of human intellect and creativity and witness a bloody fight for one's own life. You will have to look beyond the blurry brink of life in a phantasmagoric scene of an ayahuasca séance, feel the icy insensitivity and coldness of bankers, the rot in institutions, in including the church… By the way, four doctors will occasionally, through their discussion, explain what is going on and whether the mathematician and his crew will be able to beat the bankers, bring down capitalism, change the world and live through it…
Prodavatelju broj naloga: 88062ac8-c434-4d9a-9629-32e1b2456d50
Platforma broj naloga 521389789535868507
Kategorija: Fiction & Literature
Ključne riječi: No money or Ana s three laws Goran Gal Action & Adventure Fiction & Literature 9789535868507
Podataka iz 03.11.2017 20:09h
ISBN (alternativni zapisi): 953-58685-0-0, 978-953-58685-0-7


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