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9789532572698 - Toncika Cukrov: Lunch Hour - Knjiga

Toncika Cukrov (?):

Lunch Hour (2014) (?)

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Are you prone to skip your breakfast and lunch? Do you find that fast-food is a great solution for lunch breaks because you do not have time? Such an attitude can have a great impact on your concentration and work capacity, and in the long run it can compromise your health. If you would like to enjoy benefits of a healthy vegan lunchbox food, Toncika Cukrov, a famous Croatian macrobiotic teacher, has created 28 easy-to-prepare, healthy, balanced and at the same time delicious lunch hour meals that take only 30 minutes to prepare. Toncika Cukrov shares with you plentiful of tricks and tips - from the health point of view, as well as practical advice about time management and food containers, and presents beautifully illustrated inspirational meals for your workplace. From tasty spreads, homemade sushi, spicy burgers, risottos, colourful salads, kale rolls, spicy beans, pasta and vegetable sushis, omelets to smoothies, and energy bombs - all rich in vitamins and minerals, as natural as possible, and irresistible. Toncika Cukrov is an art historian working as curator, a popular macrobiotic teacher, and a bestselling author. She is the author of several other cookbooks: Sprouts, Wok, and Healthy Winter Preserves. If you are interested in more vegan cookbooks, check the Healthy Vegan series: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Sprouts, Pulses, Whole Grains, Seaweeds, Salads, Gluten Free, Breads and Rolls, The Power of Raw.
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